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Finding a health care provider with whom you feel comfortable can be challenging. Why should you have to repeat the process each time you need to see a specialist? To make your life easier and to offer the best service possible to their patients, Wellspring Family Medicine offers obstetrics and women’s health care at their offices in Oakland and Accident, Maryland. To learn more about the services available, call one of the offices or schedule your visit online.

Obstetrics and Women's Health Care Q & A

Why do I need an obstetrics and women’s health care provider?

If you’re a woman, your body has specific health care needs that a women’s health care provider is trained in delivering. 

A women’s health care provider specializes in protecting the health of the female reproductive system. That includes performing screenings for gender-specific cancers like breast cancer and cervical cancer and helping you make the right decisions when it comes to family planning. 

An obstetrician is a specialist who focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period during which your body recovers from having a baby. 

You technically don’t need to find an obstetrician until you’re pregnant, but having a women’s health care provider who also offers obstetric care — like the ones at Wellspring Family Medicine — makes it easy to get the care you need during pregnancy without the stress of searching for an additional specialist. 

How often should I see a women’s health care provider?

Most experts agree that women should visit your women’s health care provider once a year for a well-woman visit, a physical that focuses on both your overall health and the health of your reproductive system. 

During your appointment, you talk with your Wellspring Family Medicine provider about your personal and family health history, your lifestyle choices (e.g., what you eat, how much you sleep), and your health goals. They take your vitals and screen you for common health conditions. 

They also use your appointment to check the health of the parts of your body that define you as a woman. They might perform a Pap smear, for example, to screen you for cervical cancer. If your Pap smear comes back normal, you generally won’t need another one for three years. 

They help you plan your family. Wellspring Family Medicine works with you to find the right birth control until you’re ready to become a mother. 

Can my women’s health care provider be my obstetrician if I get pregnant?

Definitely. In fact, the women’s health care team at Wellspring Family Medicine is extensively experienced in obstetrics. They can walk with you from the day you find out you’re pregnant to the day you bring your baby into the world — and beyond. 

They grow with your family, offering newborn care and pediatric care so you and your little one can benefit from their family medicine expertise and warm, comfortable office environment. 

Call one of the offices or schedule your women’s health care appointment online today.