Hospital Care At GRMC

Wellspring Family Medicine

Family Medicine located in Oakland, MD & Accident, MD

The dedicated team at Wellspring Family Medicine strives to meet the needs of its community as best it can. While the physicians offer a broad range of services at their Oakland and Accident, Maryland, offices, they also serve those who require inpatient care at Oakland’s Garrett Regional Medical Center. Learn more about their hospital care at GRMC by calling the office nearest you or scheduling an appointment online.

Hospital Care at GRMC Q & A

What is inpatient care?

Inpatient care is medical attention that requires your admittance to the hospital. In order for your insurance to cover your visit to the fullest extent possible, a doctor needs to formally admit you to Garrett Regional Medical Center for your inpatient care. And that’s why the dedicated practitioners at Wellspring Family Medicine serve you not just at their own family practice offices, but also at the hospital. 

Whenever you need to go to the hospital — whether because of an injury or for a specific treatment — your Wellspring Family Medicine practitioner can both help you get admitted and meet you there to administer treatment. This way, you get the dedicated, personalized care you deserve from a doctor who knows you and your medical history. 

Wellspring Family Medicine currently has three doctors who offer inpatient care at Garrett Regional Medical Center: Kenneth Buczynski, MD, Marlana Bollinger, MD, and Jason Van Antwerp, MD. 

What kinds of services are available as hospital care at GMRC?

Any medical attention that requires a hospital stay can qualify as inpatient care. The Wellspring Family Medicine inpatient services available at Garrett Regional Medical Center are designed to cover every member of your family in every season of life. Specifically, they offer the following as inpatient services:

  • Adult medicine
  • Pediatric medicine
  • Newborn screenings
  • Obstetrics

Can I deliver my baby with inpatient care?

Absolutely. Wellspring Family Medicine specializes in obstetrics. That means your doctor can be the one to deliver your baby, either vaginally or via Caesarean section. They can administer an epidural to keep you comfortable during the birthing process, too. And you’ll get to bring your baby into the world in the supportive, warm environment of Garrett Regional Medical Center’s family-centered maternity suite

Because Wellspring Family Medicine’s dedicated team will be the one to care for your newborn through childhood, adolescence, and possibly beyond, choosing them for your child’s birth allows them to start building a relationship with your new little one right away. With a newborn screening at the hospital, they get the information they need to start lifelong personalized care and you get peace of mind that your new baby is healthy. 

To learn more about the hospital care Wellspring Family Medicine provides at Garrett Regional Medical Center, call the office or book your appointment online today.